How to Find Sanity in the Midst of Chaos

Can you find sanity in the midst of chaos?


You’ve just been sideswiped by fate. When your life has been abruptly twisted and crumpled and you find yourself forced off the road of your intentions – you need help.

If something unexpected and bad happens in life you may have had warnings. If you are a returning veteran, you might have realized when you enlisted that there would be tough times ahead. But if you’re dealing with PTSD, or other post-service difficulties, you probably didn’t plan on feeling these feelings that pop up now, unwelcome.

Or, if you’re unemployed, perhaps you knew for months you would be losing your job, but that knowledge still does not remove this feeling of inadequacy you’re currently drowning under.

But maybe it’s an instant crisis that shifted your reality. Either way there are no easy repairs, but there are ways to cope. In the search for sanity, eventually you can let go of what’s really gone, and learn to accept with what’s in front of you.

My name is Mary Williams, and I have been through some serious life experiences, from watching my parents die, having a miscarriage, to helping my son through a complex and life-threatening illness and more – and I didn’t not always handle things as well as I should have.

These experiences led me to write the book Driving Home from Boston: 12 Lessons to Help You Navigate Crisis. At this stage it is still a WIP (Work in Progress – what we fancy writers call our grubby, scratched out, unfinished manuscripts). But along with the book, this site is full of helpful, hopeful and humorous bits of information to help us all find sanity as we navigate life’s roadblocks.

At The Sanity Search you will find my blog, updates on the book, maybe some photography, and lots of resources. But mostly this is a place where together we can navigate pain and loss as we create our own road maps in the Search for Sanity.


  1. I am looking forward to reading Driving Home From Boston!

    • Thanks Judy! I’m looking forward to finishing it, and sharing the experiences and lessons.

  2. Sounds like it’s going to be a good read…can’t wait! Best wishes.

    • Thanks Tamara! Bookmark the site can keep coming back. I’d love to get all kinds of conversations happening here.

  3. I’ll be peeking through the boards as work progresses.

  4. Mary, I am looking forward to reading your newsletters and book. Congratulations and keep writing !


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