Sugar Candy

Sugar Candy

Hello Good People!

It’s a brand new year, good ole 2015 has retired, and fresh-faced 2016 has stepped up to take her place. (Yes, I feminized a year. To me, odd numbered years are female, and even numbered are male. Don’t know why – it’s just what I do.)

Anyway. Here I am hanging out with my pal 2016. I just typed up my   new business agenda, and added a sweet picture. (See below). Doing this was my attempt at finding my focus for a good new start, but it pained me to do this.

Hidden Star

Hidden Star

The thing is, I’m not against Resolutions and Making Changes, but there’s a bit of a trend among some groups I belong to online, and that’s sharing our “Word for the New Year.”  Great idea, this, but it often leaves me feeling uneasy, and depressed. Which is totally on me, I’m not blaming my business building and entrepreneurial pals at all. I’ve got my own damn baggage. LOL.

Here’s my pattern. Through the year I make starts and stops, and try new things, and abandon others. This does make me sound a little willy-nilly and not responsible. That’s not how I am, but unfortunately I let my false starts bug me. However, I do keep trying again to tweak that plan, work on my manuscript, (make it to the gym), and other things. And before you know it, I’m looking at the month of October…with some unease.

I love Halloween, but I know that Christmas is close behind. Cue ominous music.

Hey, it should’t be that way, Christmas is an awesome holiday, such a season of hope and miracles. But OHHHH does it stress me out. Shopping, (which I love, but this is different). Wrapping. Well, I actually love wrapping Christmas Lovepresents, and I’m rather good at making beautiful packages – see there ——————>

And cleaning and cooking, and like this year, having a dinner for 11 (planned for 13, but two dropped out), and trying to be cheery, etc, etc, etc. I wish so heartily that I could be cheery at Christmas time, but I get so F-ing stressed. Plus, in November my brother got married, which was cool, but threw off the schedule. Then we all got sick. And Tom kept coughing. Numerous doctor appointments.

And it gets dark, and cold, and grey, and yadda, yadda — you get the idea.

So naturally, I put off doing anything work/business related until I can breath again, meaning after Christmas – OK I imagine you get the picture now.

Come early January, and I’m supposed to be feeling all excited about making my life fantastic. And all I feel is dread. Not fun. But today I forced myself to really organize my thoughts and Make a Plan. Which I mentioned above. Cool beans and all that.

So since one of my tasks for January was to blog here at least three times a month, here we are! And I promise I don’t feel so down now. Taking action is liberating my friends.