Hey Friends!Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Sanity Update

If you have not noticed by peaking around the site, here’s the announcement: my newsletter project, The Sanity Update, is live.

I had fun doing it, and I hope you all have fun reading it. But better than fun, is I hope that this newsletter, and this site, will continue to provide some real support for the readers.

Inside Issue 1 of the Sanity Update you’ll find some of my TV updates, some Book updates, a recipe (yes a recipe!), and I also highlighted some people and events that are noteworthy, in my very humble but spot-on opinion. : )

In the next issue, I’m thinking about showcasing some helpful apps, of course, more TV and Book Stuff, and much more. Please go here to subscribe if you want more!

What you may not know, is that I have an alter ego. True. I also have a site that specializes in newsletters called The Unfettered Newsletter. Putting together my own publication was a little challenging, but mostly fun. Doing this for clients can be fun as well, but the thing to remember is that the end result is about them, not me. It has to be their message through and through. Of course, I can offer input, but this has to do with writing with someone else’s voice.

Bue WindowWhether for this site or others, creating newsletters is a great way to keep engaged with your customers or readers. It gives a unique window to what goes on in someone’s venture.

And on we go!