A patient Buddha

Buddha, waiting.

What is UP with me not posting here for a while? I suppose it’s just a case of life distracting me. Pesky life. Anyway kids, here’s the latest scoop at in my life and at The Sanity Search.

I recently published Issue 2 of The Sanity Update, so that’s cool. I am really enjoying doing this. Sure, there is sometimes a scramble to find just the right thing to fit my five page format, but I am OK with that. One thing I really enjoy is giving “Shoutouts” or profiling different people and/or organizations that I think are special.

I suppose there’s a bit of risk doing this, I’m hoping I won’t slight anyone by not mentioning them or their good works, but it’s like anything else, I can only do so much. Right? That’s something to hold onto, many times we ALL can do more, but there’s a limit. And we need to cut ourselves the proverbial slack, it’s about     Knowing Our Limits.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try again the next day to clean the shower, organize paperwork, donate three dollars to a charity, and smile at a stranger. Each day, we have to try, and try hard. And then step back and say, that’s enough. And other days, not so much. We can only gather the strength to tie our shoes or brush our teeth  – sometimes even that is too much effort.

But look, when we’re feeling strong, let’s try at whatever needs attention. Let’s try hard at life.

There’s a quote I have on my desk. And I believe this is from Fred Luskin, Ph.D. and Kenneth Pelletier, Ph.D.:

“Sometimes it’s enough simply to try hard. Sometimes our skill is perseverance. Sometimes the simple act of not giving up is both a skill and a virtue. We can be good at trying, and if we are, we need to honor our effort.”

I also believe it’s a constant balance between trying and accepting the reality. Let me know what you think?