You know the old joke, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Snort, chuckle, yaddah yaddah.

I had plans, glorious plans, to make this website into something grand, by creating a robust platform for a community of like-minded peeps who have struggle with life’s crap. And PLEASE KNOW THIS –

The Plans are Still On!!!

Yes sir. God and I had a good laugh, or rather I had several good cries and God listened. And I’m continuing the work.

Easter PastI also had plans to finally, put away all the Christmas stuff, and get out the pretty Easter/Spring decorations, and really celebrate the early spring we’ve had (in fits and starts) here in New England.

Well, it’s several days after Easter, and my sweet bunnies, chicks, lambs, and eggs are somewhat scattered here and there. Some are placed artfully and all that, and some are still in state of suspended animation (no, not really, it just sounded cool) waiting to be arranged around the house.

Fail. D’oh!

And I also planned on continuing on with the next issue of my Sanity Update Newsletter. That didn’t happen either. Crap, my life’s a drag eh?

Well, crap is as crap does, or whatever pithy sentiment applies here. The thing is, some very lousy things happened recently, and really threw me off schedule, and I did a poor job of bouncing back. Sure, I’m always counseling others that you can’t let this stuff get you down forever. You gotta get back up and take action!

BUT, as I’ve been reminding myself, it’s OK to be “down” for a while. Because of all the odd and troubling events of the last month, I have needed to really take time away from writing77537751 and creating. Instead, I needed to make phone calls regarding this fun event… and other assorted mini-tragedies. No one was harmed in the accident, the car was parked on a Boston Street while Tom and Dave were out training for the Boston Marathon. And, adding insult to injury, they got a parking ticket too.

Good times.

So, after picking up a rental car for two weeks, negotiating with the other guy’s insurance company (Oh, I forgot to mention, the person that hit the Rav left all his info!! He gets a demerit for hitting the car, but a gold star for leaving his contact information), getting the vehicle appraised, finding out it was declared a total loss, getting a settlement check, etc, etc..

Well, we’re actually getting it fixed!

Anyway Dear Reader, I’ll close this out here and will not overwhelm you with the other shitty events of late, but I will leave you with this:

When the crap hits the fan, duck if you can, wipe yourself off, have a grand pity party, and then go to bed. Wake up and try again.

For real, taking any kind of positive action is a good, very good thing. Even if you’re just cleaning your bathroom to a fresh sparkling state, or bagging up old gently used clothes for charity, or paying just one bill. You will feel good and that feeling is conducive to creating.

Oh, and if you want to hear about the rest of the crappy life events, hit me up in the comment section, and I’ll tell ya!


Shanti and Shalom!