Last December, around the time of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, I created this little meme. Just my opinion, but I do feel strongly about this. The text in the image is a bit hard to read, so here it is:

” ‘You may say that I’m a We Need Dreamers and Doersdreamer, but I’m not the only one’ – John Lennon.

No John, you’re not the only one, thankfully. The world needs dreamers by the score.

And the world needs doers.

We need pacifists and we need soldiers.

We need conservatives and we need liberals.

We need faith, but it’s okay to ask questions.

We need to be open and tolerant, but still be careful.

We should retain the right to bear arms, but with smarts, humility, and zero hate.

I repeat,

Zero hate.

It’s not always ‘us vs them.’

Life cannot work with an ‘either/or’ mentality.

How can we get this done? I don’t know, I’m just one person.

I’m a dreamer.”

So, what’s this poem above (is it a poem? I don’t know…I rarely write poetry.) to do with politics? Everything! EVERYTHING!  At least in my wishful-bipartisanship-thinking.

I watched the debates last night, and while sometimes my natural tendency is to almost celebrate Trump’s stumbles, because since the beginning I don’t think he’s the right choice, I still felt disappointed over all.

I do like some of the things that Clinton stands for, but I’ve never really warmed to her as a person, and that goes back to her days as the First Lady of Arkansas, when she was helping her husband campaign for President. Something about her whole demeanor when Bill was being questioned about the rumored extramarital affairs just bothered me. The one thought that kept running through my head is, “wow, she’s ambitious.”

Hey, don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with ambition in either a male or female. But I sensed a coldness in her.

And now…*sigh*. I may vote for her.

Yes, I know I can go third party. I might.

But you know what disappoints me more with Clinton? Not the emails, not Benghazi. I hate that she cannot rise above the BS. She’s acted with some dignity, sure. But she’s also engaged in some petty shit. I wish she’d take the advice of Michelle Obama, whom she quoted last night as saying, “When they go low, we go high.”

Hillary, take the high road from here on out. Please.

Yet, regardless of who wins, and who snipes and whines, and tweets nonsense, or gloats, remember that it’s up to us dreamers and doers to also take the high road, and do what we can to support the new President. We can’t just throw up our hands (or our lunch) and say, “He (or She) is NOT my president.”

Yes, they are. Like it or not, they are the new president. They are YOUR president. Do what you can to support them, vote for other officials that will help your cause, pray for all our government, and don’t give up.