Greens and GlasssSo, lately I’ve been letting life dictate my progress. It is a pretty natural thing for us to get swallowed up by life’s BS, so I’m trying to cut myself some slack. But since this is a site designed to help folks Keep Calm and…[Fill in the Pithy Blank] – I would like to set a good example.

But the thing is – sometimes you just have to ride the Bullshit Rodeo for a while. And that’s OK. How to maintain Sanity is what we are all here to learn together.

I do feel though, that trying to keep up a normal-ish schedule is key. Whether it’s an actual chronological arrangement of your day, or you’re trying to eat normally, or maybe attempting to keep up with exercise – if you can somehow recognize bits of your usual life during the times of stress – you are doing well.

And sometimes though – life will totally suck and everything is changed. What are ya gonna do?

You are going to survive.

Further Thoughts on this will follow : )

Shanti and Shalom.