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 A 2014 Contest at Women's

A 2014 Contest at Women’s

For several years, I have been writing a book, Driving Home from Boston: 12 Lessons to Help You Navigate Crisis.. Ironically, I have hit some very real roadblocks of my own, and have not finished this project.

(But looky here, I entered the first paragraph in a contest)

However,  I keep going back to it, and my most recent motivation is from Alicia, a dear person and colleague that I met at a writer’s retreat in Vermont two years ago. This is where the book took on new purpose, and a whole business concept sprang from several group discussions. This very site is part of that concept.

So what was the motivation? Alicia just formed a private Facebook Group for those of us who have been spinning ideas and perhaps not enough actual words. The group is quite young (as of January 2016), but she’s got somBecome a Givere great ideas to get us writing AND publishing. And Alicia knows what she’s talking about, she <——- just published this gem on Amazon.

Currently I’m at about 5,360 words and 19 pages of my own manuscript, hopefully I’ll be joining Alicia and other friends as a published author. I have given myself till the end of March 2016 to finish the first draft. I think I can do this. Wish me luck!

Carry on.

Shanti and Shalom.