Hi TechJust a little vent here about the impossible but necessary dance we must have with technological advancements.

It’s one step forward, and three back, and usually, at least with me, an unintended stumble. You know that expression, “Dance like no one is watching?”  I think I need to have someone watching me at all times to insure that I don’t f*ck up this and my other sites any more than…well, any more period!

But like everything else – perception is everything. It’s all relative to something else. Probably to some family members I might seem like a “Geek Goddess“, but I’m thinking to those on many Word Press support forums,

<———I probably appear like this.DunceCap

And, that’s how I feel right now! Not so much fun.

But I have a secret weapon. I have a group of writers that found a barn and put on a play — no, not really. It’s actually a group of smart and patient business growers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, and other independent creatives, plus a  writing coach/mentor who bought the barn and just charges a small amount to join in. There’s so much great sharing of ideas, how-tos, etc.

God willing I will get things up and running soon.

Be well dear readers,

Shanti and Shalom –